Thomas Emde began his artistic career as a painter. The materiality and perception of color quickly became the focus of his work.


Light soon appeared as an additional element: color and daylight were intermingled to create environments of colored light. The concentration on the medium of light, as the immaterial vehicle for conveying color, was the next logical step. Alongside smaller light objects, beginning at the end of the 1990s he executed numerous architecturally-related light art projects both at home and abroad. Thomas Emde has devoted himself exclusively to artistic architectural lighting since 1999, maintaining offices in Frankfurt am Main and Doha (Qatar).


The underlying approach Thomas Emde invariably pursues for an architectural lighting project is to first define the light conditions of the area or structure and then develop the correspondingly ideal methods of technical implementation. This approach has allowed for the development of new product solutions and numerous now-patented, innovative lighting technologies. One of Thomas Emde’s most interesting developments as an inventor is a lightbulb-shaped OLED illuminant that fits into the traditional screw-in socket.





emdedesign GmbH

emdedesign stands for developing good light – good for people and good for planet earth. A respectful handling of the resource light is the basis for our activities. Thereby the principle of less is more remains essential for us: making products better through intelligent solutions that remove instead of add.


OMLED is the light brand of emdedesign GmbH, which was founded in 2013 in Frankfurt. With OMLED emdedesign introduced the worldwide first OLED light family with affordable products for daily purposes in 2014.

emde projects GmbH

Thomas Emde and his team are looking back on more than sixteen years international experience in developing and realising artistic light architectures – among them many major projects such as the illumination of Frankfurt’s Cathedral or the Falcon Market in Qatar.